Lisbon Treaty is a war against the nations of Europe

Lisbon Treaty / FINAL ACT
(2007/C 306/02)

17. Declaration concerning primacy

The Conference recalls that, in accordance with well settled case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Treaties and the law adopted by the Union on the basis of the Treaties have primacy over the law of Member States, under the conditions laid down by the said case law. The Conference has also decided to attach as an Annex to this Final Act the Opinion of the Council Legal Service on the primacy of EC law as set out in 11197/07 (JUR 260):
‘Opinion of the Council Legal Service of 22 June 2007
It results from the case-law of the Court of Justice that primacy of EC law is a cornerstone principle of Community law. According to the Court, this principle is inherent to the specific nature of the European Community. At the time of the first judgment of this established case law (Costa/ENEL,15 July 1964, Case 6/641 (1)) there was no mention of primacy in the treaty. It is still the case today. The fact that the principle of primacy will not be included in the future treaty shall not in any way change the existence of the principle and the existing case-law of the Court of Justice.

The said case law however states that community law has primacy over national law because
1) it is community law
2) because that follows from the specific nature of community and
3) because that is the practice established by precedence.

This declaration therefore claims that the Union law enjoys primacy over the national laws without a former or present contractual basis. It claims that the primacy of the union law is valid just because of the existing case law practised by the Court (precedence).

This furthermore indicates that the written statements of the Lisbon Treaty can be easily changed or overridden in the future, just by predence, and just as much the Lisbon Treaty itself disregards even the existing treaties, the future agreements can disregard the Lisbon Treaty as well.

Another indication of how the EU overrides prior agreements:
Former agreement of unanimity regarding constitutional agreement among the EU-states has been abolished. By the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty the French and Dutch referendum results are disregarded.

Breach of international treaties constitute violation of international laws.

Therefore Declaration 17 is an admission of the ongoing violation of international laws committed by the EU’s Court and a permission of future violation of international laws by claiming that the “nature of community law” has primacy over the treaties themselves.

Violation of international laws on matters related national sovereignty is WAR, by definition.


Barroso has indirectly admitted that the EU is leading a war against Europe

Fact 1: European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said: “The Union is an empire”
Fact 2: The Lisbon Treaty is the same as the former EU Constitution: a product of deception
Bonde’s Briefing 19.12.07: “Born in sun and sin

So what would be the European Union under the Lisbon Treaty?
An empire that achieves its goals by deception.

What is an empire?

“An empire is a political unit having a territory of great extent or a number of territories or peoples under a single sovereign authority with an emperor as chief of state.”

So what are the motives of the EU as an empire? The general motives of empires by dictionary definition:

“expansion of trade, acquisition of raw materials, resolution of political unrest or overpopulation, and craving for land and rewards. Colonies retained ties and loyalty to the mother state, though rebelliousness was not uncommon.”

And what is the consequence of the EU’s colonisation?

“State of conflict, generally armed, between two or more entities.”

– which is the definition of war. War:

“is characterized by intentional violence on the part of large bodies of individuals organized and trained for that purpose. On the national level, some wars are fought internally between rival political factions (civil war); others are fought against an external enemy. Wars have been fought in the name of religion, in self-defense, to acquire territory or resources, and to further the political aims of the aggressor state’s leadership.”

In the case of colonisation, the war is fought to acquire territory or resources, and to further the political aims of the aggressor state’s leadership.

An example of war:
“The conflict between the Greeks and the people of Troy in western Asia Minor.”
The Greeks built a large wooden horse in which a raiding party hid; when the Greeks pretended to leave, the Trojans brought the horse into the walled city.”

Fraud and deception are also a means of war, as these are also a means of dictatorship:

“Dictatorship is one of the two chief forms of government in use today. Modern dictators usually use force or fraud to gain power and then keep it through intimidation, terror, suppression of civil liberties, and control of the mass media.”

One of the most efficient methods of fraud and deception, when it is organised by conspiracy.

“Agreement between two or more persons to commit an unlawful act or to accomplish a lawful end by unlawful means.”

(All definitions are from Encyclopædia Britannica)

The Lisbon Treaty is a product of consiparcy, a product of a secret agreement among the leaders of Europe to commit an unlawful act or to accomplish a lawful end by unlawful means.

The leaders of Europe secretly agreed to draft a new treaty with the same content as that of the former EU Constitution. By such an act they unlawfully breach former international agreements and enforce the EU Constitution, which has been rejected by the French and Dutch voters, and which, based on the previous and current polls, would have been and would be rejected in almost all of the other EU-countries.

The Lisbon Treaty is in effect a “Trojan Horse” hidden in the middle of Europe.
After the Lisbon Treaty will come into effect the truth about this treaty will be revealed. When the citizens of the EU countries will realise that they have been deceived and as a result they have lost their national independence, freedom and democracy, the result will be Europe-wide protests against the Lisbon-deception and against the abolishment of people’s sovereignty in Europe.

Readings on the subject:

The Lisbon Treaty is a product of fraud and conspiracy:
Bonde’s Briefing 19.12.07: “Born in sun and sin”
Bonde’s Briefing 19.12.07

“Secret deal to persuade Ireland on EU treaty”
(conspiracy = secret deal)

“Government resorts to trickery to railroad Lisbon Treaty”

(fraud = trickery, propaganda = “a deliberate disinformation campaign to confuse the public over the implications of the treaty in a desperate effort to ensure that it is passed”)


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