Selected links and references

The Eudemocrats’ website:

Information about the Lisbon Treaty:
“The Lisbon Treaty explained”

Information on the alternative plan:

[1] These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You
An analysis by Prof. Anthony Coughlan

[2] Giovanni Sartori: „Dittatura, in Elementi di teoria politica”, Il Mulino, Bologna, 1987, 51–87

[3] Contrasting approaches to political engineering: Constitutionalisation & Democratization, by Philippe C. Schmitter (European University Institute February 2001)

[4] Axel Hadenius & Jan Teorell: “Assessing Alternative Indices of Democracy”
(Political Concepts, Committee on Concepts and Methods, Working Paper Series, August 2005.)

[5] Jens-Peter Bonde (MEP):
New book on the Lisbon Treaty: New name – same content

[6] Video: Popular sovereignty is abolished and the principle of unanimity is breached by the EU – by dropping the results of the former referendums of the French and the Dutch voters:
European Parliament: Members’ Protest – 12.12.2007

[7] Video: Parliamentary democracy and rule of law are abolished by the EP:
Power Grab by EU Parliament President (updated)

[8] The Lisbon Treaty is a milestone in the gradual process of absorbing the sovereignty of Europe’s nations, according to the professors of Vienna University:
EuropeNews: 10,000 demanding referendum on Lisbon Treaty

[9] EP representative, Jens-Peter Bonde tells the story of the conspiracy of the EU leaders to redraft the former EU Constitution under a new name:
Bonde’s Briefing 19.12.07: “Born in sun and sin”

[10] Demand a Referendum on EU Lisbon Treaty
article by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

[11] Abolishing Democracy by Stealth: Constitution for Feudalism in Europe
article by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

[12] Video on the events of the European Parliament:

[13] Video on the events of the European Parliament:
People of Ireland Vote No on the Lisbon Treaty

Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and general scientific knowledge of political theory


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